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Substance Use Disorder: Staying Positive Through Recovery

Staying positive through substance use disorder recovery takes a village. It starts with the person who is recovering, but it takes a team of supportive friends, loved ones, and professionals willing to help. 

This Too Shall Pass

It is a comforting thought for a person with substance use disorder to know that where they are today is not where they will be tomorrow or next month, or next year. They must keep moving forward and yes, stay positive.

Negative thoughts will always be right around the corner, but there are tricks and strategies you can keep in your back pocket for those moments.

Strategies for Staying Positive Through Recovery

It can be especially hard to stay positive in early recovery, almost as hard when you hit the midpoint in your journey. It will probably always be hard, but less so as time passes. Reliance Treatment Center of Statesboro can help.

Keep Your Friends Close

Having old friends and making new ones is critical during this time. Just be certain they are supportive, positive, and sober. They will celebrate you as you reach milestones, pump you up when you’re down, and be there for you as you approach a scary situation like a party or get-together with many temptations. They’ll be by your side to keep you looking forward. That support system along with your groups will help you maintain.

At the same time, let go of those people in your life who don’t understand or who are still using. That can be tough, but it’s important.

Take Responsibility

When you face the fact that YOU are the only one who can make changes, that can be a big breakthrough. Own your life and transform it to be your best.

Have Gratefulness Be Top of Mind

Never ever forget what you are grateful for and how you are blessed. Of course, some days it may not feel that way. However, if you start a journal or just start a list on a yellow legal pad of what you are grateful for, you can refer to it on one of those bad days. Look at it daily and keep adding to it.

Get Into an Exercise Plan

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but start doing some physical exercises that will help you not only stay motivated, but will keep you positive. It can also reduce any depression or anxiety still lurking around.

Know Your Triggers

You know what they are, or who they are. The next step is to avoid these top relapse triggers. Having a plan of how to react if you are faced with one is a positive step in your recovery.

Find Time to Relax

This may seem like wasted time, but you need to decompress and unwind. Get enough sleep. Do something you love. Take a bath, cook a meal, listen to your favorite music. Distract yourself from negative feelings.

Face Relapses Honestly

They may happen along the way. Once you are sober and thinking straight again, go to a meeting, revisit a group, call your sponsor, and talk to your therapist. Figure out what triggered the relapse and learn from it. Then face forward. This is positivity.

Smile More

Even if it’s fake. It won’t take long before it’s genuine.

Contact Reliance Treatment Center of Statesboro at (912) 489-7827 if you need help with substance use disorder. You can alternatively request an appointment through our secure online form. We are here to help.